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Kind Words

Sketchbook is Brilliant

 The iPhone sketchbook is brilliant, as was the service.

—Alex Mills, Alex Mills Design

The Sketchbook is Great!

I have so many ideas of great apps in my head that start as images of how the app should look. Whenever I have these ideas I immediately sketch them out in the app sketchbook to develop later.

—H. Evans

Very Sturdy and Durable

I feel like my project is well protected. Love the real-size blueprint.

—Sherry McLaughlin, Michigan Institute for Human Performance


I'm working on designing my second iPhone App, first was Grocery iQ, and I love this sketch book. I also bought a metal template from another company. Didn't really like it because it wasn't "Real-Size".

Brian Killen, GroceryIQ

Highly recommended

The sketchbook is great—highly recommended. We're using the App Sketchbook to continue design of's Backdrops Application, an Apple Staff favorite and 4.5-Mouse rated application.

—David Stys, Backdrops

I'm in love with my App Sketchbook

I'm in love with my App Sketchbook. It's perfect for capturing my crazy new app ideas as well as mapping out screen flow when it comes time to design.

Thomas Daly, Pretty Useful